After many years of training and practicing in nursing profession at highly recognized university hospitals and clinics, as well as nursing homes in the Republic of Germany,  Ms. Sandra and her husband Mr. Krešimir Kastelan invested their knowledge and experience in establishing the nursing and retirement homes. They operate three separate units.  All of the units meet European standards, and are located in one of the most beautiful parts of Zagreb;  the “green oasis“ of Maksimir.

Ms. Sandra and Mr. Kresimir Kastelan are both well trained and experienced nurses, coming from a medical family which provides care for the elderly and disabled. Dr. Ljudevit Kastelan,  Kresimir's father, is a general medicine specialist. His personal expertise and experience, gained over many years of practicing general medicine, profoundly affected the quality of medical care and the services provided.


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Forest berry
14.11.2013., 18:03

I have a great need to compliment the Institution for elderly and disabled people, BENE VITA, Gospočak, Aleksandra Horvat 1a.
Compliments to all staff. The staff is friendly, compassionate, and attentive.
The food is excellent and delicious. My mom, who was an excellent cook, does not have any objections.
Cleanliness and hygiene are appropriate. Everything works flawlessly.
Doctor's rounds are provided on weekly basis. Nurses and nurses aids provide the care the residents need in each shift.
Physiotherapists provide daily exercise or walk the residents who need it.
The facility nurses make appropriate arrangements for doctor's visits for the residents who need subspecialty medical care provided either in the hospital or subspecialty doctor's office.

The staff works closely as a team. Every employe wants to help as much as he or she can in order to make resident's life as pleasant as possible.
I visit my mother on almost a daily basis at different times of the day. I have noticed the neatness is always at the highest level, and I am mostly impressed by the  flawless attitude of the staff towards  residents.
Resident have been  served coffee around 8 o'clock in the morning, breakfast follows at 9 o'clock. Lunch has been served at 1:30 P.M. Snacks have been served at  4 P.M. and include  cake or seasonal fruit. Dinner follows after that.

The facility arranges workshops and birthday parties for all the residents.

Today is Saint Martin ..
I believe there is no better accommodation for my mother than this facility.


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