A trip to the zoo of Zagreb

On the 7th of June 2017. together with our users we visited the zoo of Zagreb. How it was look at our photo gallery!

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Socializing with users

Employees socialize with users playing social games! How it was you can see in our fotogalerie.

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Hosting association Feniks and friends

On day 28.March 2017. we had a visit from association, Feniks and friends, which is dancing, singing, playing, acting, juggling, imitating and...

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Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was celebrated with a lot of fun! We were making some nice decorations. Also we were singing and dancing! For more photos look at...

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News and announcements


We would like to thank you personally,  as well as all  of the staff,  once again, for the great care through  all of the  years that our mother, Zdenka “Štefanija“ Banjšak, and our aunt, Božena Mioković, received  in your facility.
During their prolonged stay in your facility, we witnessed the compassion and care they have received.  We always felt comfortable knowing that they were happy and safe, as well as that all of their needs have been met, particularly  on the days when we were out of town.
Special thanks to all nurses and caregivers who showed great care and compassion in the final days of our mother's life when her health was worsening.
We would like to thank all of you for your sincere condolences.
With respect and best regards to all of you,

Family Banjšak

Obitelj Banjšak