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We take care of the social needs of our residents including accommodation and adjustment to life in the House. We also assist in the obtaining of social security and health insurance benefits for our residents. We provide support to current and prospective residents and members of their families, as well as psychosocial support through individual and group work. We organize various workplace occupational activities: creative groups, groups for psychosocial support, playing board games, and memo groups. We also organize birthday parties (each resident gets the cake) as well as celebrations of public and church holidays. We work with the Volunteer Centre of Zagreb. Volunteers spend their time with our residents by playing games, talking, or walking.

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We would like to thank you personally,  as well as all  of the staff,  once again, for the great care through  all of the  years that our mother, Zdenka “Štefanija“ Banjšak, and our aunt, Božena Mioković, received  in your facility.
During their prolonged stay in your facility, we witnessed the compassion and care they have received.  We always felt comfortable knowing that they were happy and safe, as well as that all of their needs have been met, particularly  on the days when we were out of town.
Special thanks to all nurses and caregivers who showed great care and compassion in the final days of our mother's life when her health was worsening.
We would like to thank all of you for your sincere condolences.
With respect and best regards to all of you,

Family Banjšak

Obitelj Banjšak