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The retirement home Bene Vita 3 is in one of the most beautiful parts of Zagreb, “green oasis“ of  Maksimir. The address is: Anđela Horvat 1A. You can get there with the  bus line 203 Svetice-Vinec-Krematorij from Svetice station.

We offer accommodations in single, double, and triple rooms with large terraces. Each room has a wireless system for calling nurses. Beds are equipped with an electric motor with a remote control and each user has their own bedside table with a feeding plate. All rooms have a television, and there is also a possibility of a personal phone, a satellite antenna, and an internet connection if necessary.

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Dear all,
I am writing to you,  all  dear employees at Bene Vita, in order to thank  you once again  in my personal name,  as well as in behalf of my sister and my son,  for all that you have done for  our mother Neda Gärtner. We thank you for making it possible for her to live her last days with dignity and minimal suffering.
I would especially like to thank Mr. Marijo, Miss Sanela, Mr. Mato, Mrs. Ana Marija, Mrs. Ivana, Ema, Vanja, Marina, as well as everyone else who participated in her care during her stay at your facility (including the cook, maid, and nurses). Thank you for being compassionate, full of understanding, and always available. I am recommending your facility without reservation to anyone who may need it. The final days of my mother's life were very distressing for me, but you have done everything you could to comfort me, and to lessen my personal pain. I am grateful to you for all of your compassionate care, expertise, and support.

Best regards,
Heda Gartner and family



Heda Gärtner i obitelj