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The retirement home Bene Vita 2 is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Zagreb, the “green oasis“ of  Maksimir. The address is: IX Bukovački ogranak 8.

We offer  accommodations in single, double, and triple rooms with large terraces. Each room has a wireless system for calling nurses. Beds are equipped with an electric motor with a remote control and each user has their own bedside table with a feeding plate. All rooms have a television and there is also a possibility of a personal phone, a satellite antenna, and an internet connection if necessary.

The bus line 227 Svetice-Jazbina-Bliznec goes from the bus stop Svetice to the nursing home.

The bus stop (Bukovac 115) is located in the immediate vicinity of the home.

From the bus stop to the nursing home: head towards the direction where the bus came from and enter Bukovački ogranak IX street, the nursing home is located 50m down on the right side of the street.

Tel : +385 01 445234
Mob : +385 91 520 7341
(Director Krešimir Kastelan)

E-mail : dom@dombene-vita.hr
Address : Ul. Anđele Horvat 1A
Postal code : 10 000 Zagreb


Single room

Double room

Triple room

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