Postoperative Care and Rehabilitation

Our trained health care team provides the highest quality post operative nursing care performing the following procedures:
• measurement and monitoring of vital signs
• prevention of postoperative complications
• surgical dressing change under sterile conditions
• removal of stiches
• wound assessment under a doctor’s supervision
• assistance with activities of daily living
• pain relief
We arrange follow up doctors’ visits and escort our residents to doctors’ offices.
An important factor of fast postoperative recovery is a well-balanced diet. The diet is adjusted to the health condition of the resident.
The rehabilitation program is adjusted to the health condition of the resident and his/her diagnosis. The type of physical therapy is determined by a specialist and carried out by our medical staff under the supervision of a physical therapist. Rehabilitation is conducted through individual and group exercises, mobilization (exercise walk and functional activities of daily living), breathing exercises, medical massage, and manual lymph drainage.
The purpose of postoperative rehabilitation is regaining the range of motion of joints affected and regaining the muscle strength of muscles affected. Our goal is to return our residents to the level of functioning before the surgery as soon as possible. We strive to provide intense rehabilitation in order to achieve a quick return to daily life activities.

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